Senator Zhenya Wang receives visit from the Honourable Joe Hockey

Media Release

Senator Wang was pleased to receive a visit from the Treasurer, the Honourable Mr Joe Hockey on Mr Hockey’s request yesterday (Wed 13 Aug).

The meeting was both cordial and respectful and Senator Wang appreciated Mr Hockey travelling to Western Australia for his first meeting with him.

“I asked Joe to seriously consider a better Goods and Services Tax (GST) distribution for both Western Australia and Tasmania,” said Senator Wang.

“Western Australia has a huge potential in the mining and agricultural sectors provided that there is enough infrastructure funding in place. More jobs will be created, more money will be generated and therefor a bigger pie will be available for the whole country. The sense of fairness attached to such a move will help to lift the mood of economic uncertainty.”

Senator Wang added his backing to fellow Palmer United Senator Jacqui Lambie’s request for more support for her state of Tasmania.

“Tasmania, when compared with other states, is in a much weaker position and needs our help. It’s part of the Aussie character — helping a mate.”

During the meeting the Treasurer and Senator Wang discussed a number of government-proposed budget measures while the Treasurer endeavoured to illuminate Australia’s current economic challenges.

In response, Senator Wang expressed concern about social hardship arising from some of the proposed budget measures.

Senator Wang urged the Treasurer to take action that would, in the short term, restore both business and consumer confidence in Australia. For example, tempering some of the most unpopular budget proposals.

“I appreciate the government is trying to address the deficit. I encourage the government, instead of looking at cuts, to adopt a growth mindset. Cuts may deliver a better balance sheet in the short term. However, only growth can sustain a long term surplus,” Senator Wang concluded.