Palmer United rejects Abbott Government tax hike threats

Media Release

Palmer United Senator for Queensland, Glenn Lazarus this morning rejected the Abbott Government’s threats to increase taxes if budget measures are not passed.

Senator Lazarus said Palmer United would not be bullied into agreeing to budget measures which are unfair, cruel and unnecessary.

“This is simply another hollow and desperate threat on the part of a very arrogant and out-of-touch Abbott Government to push through harsh budget measures so they can fund their own pet programs,” Senator Lazarus said.

“I was voted in to look after the people of Australia, not to take basic support away from pensioners and hardworking Australians.

“I think it would be political suicide for the Abbott Government if they did try and introduce more taxes to the Australian public and I can’t see that happening.

“The people of Australia do not want this budget. This is not what they voted for in 2013. If the Abbott Government wants proof of this, they should go back to the polls.

“The Abbott Government has managed to lose the confidence of the Australian people within twelve short months.

“Palmer United will not support deregulation of universities and we will not support a GP co-payment.

“Education is one of the most important assets in our society and we should be making it more accessible to our people, not making it more expensive and difficult to access.”