Palmer United Party won’t support changes to the aged pension or entitlements

Media release

The Federal leader of the Palmer United Party Mr Clive Palmer affirms that the party will not support changes to the aged pension or entitlements based on wealth, particularly on the value of the family home.

Mr Palmer said, “Many aged people live in the inner city in modest but expensive homes. Over long periods these homes have increased significantly in value, however, these houses are getting old and many are modest.

“These people shouldn’t have to sell these homes, which house all of their memories that have no value except to the home owner. These memories sustain them.

“The truth is these ideas from our politicians come from lawyer and accountant advisors. It’s these people who are shaping our policy. They don’t know how to make money, they don’t know how to create wealth.

“Our government is dominated by these types.The truth is, our ‘debt crisis’ is made up — Australians have one of the lowest levels of debt in the world.

“The bottom line is that our politicians expect the aged to pay. The fact that a house theybought 50 years ago for five or 10 thousand pounds, which may now be valued at one million dollars or more, should be irrelevant.

“The government should not raid and pilfer from our aged pensioners. The piranha often eats their own, and The Palmer United Party stands up as a protector from these fish.

“Bill Shorten needs to live out his responsibilities as a Labor leader and protect the elderly and Christine Milne needs to stand up for her inner city elderly supporters.

“If all Australians stand together they can demand greater performance from our politicians.

“Stand together we must, and stand together we will, and the rights of all Australians will prevail.”