Palmer United Party Questions Newman Government’s Advertising

Media release

Palmer United Party Queensland leader and candidate for Callide, John Bjelke-Petersen, has today questioned the amount of taxpayer money the Newman government is spending on advertising ahead of the next state election.

Mr Bjelke-Petersen said in the lead up to the March 2015 election Queenslanders have been bombarded with endless amounts of political advertising from the Newman government.

He said the Newman government has spent more on advertising in the year to June 30 this year than the 2011/12 financial year.

“Queenslanders are currently being bombarded with more than $1 million worth of taxpayer advertising a week from the Newman government,” Mr Bjelke-Petersen said.

“The Newman government has spent almost $13.5 million on the ‘Strong Choices’ campaign in a bid to persuade Queenslanders that selling or leasing our state owned assets is a good idea.

“Other taxpayer funded advertising has focused on reduced waiting lists, GP visits, improved services such as health, education and law and order and better access to government services.

“Enough is enough. What we are seeing in Queensland is blatant, over the top advertising from a government who is scrambling to promote anything and everything ahead of the next election.”

Mr Bjelke-Petersen said these ads are not essential advertising and under the government’s code of conduct, we must begin to question the government’s use of taxpayer money on propaganda so close to the next election.