Palmer United Party federal leader Clive Palmer’s Statement on Jacqui Lambie

Media Statement

In January 2014, Senator Jacqui Lambie at the instigation of failed former LNP Queensland Member of Parliament, Rob Messenger, supported the establishment of the Australian Defence Veterans Party (Lambie Party).

At the time, which was prior to Senator Lambie taking up a Senate seat, she was a paid, full time employee of the Palmer United Party as its organiser in Tasmania.

The question remains was she receiving disability payments from the Commonwealth for being unable to work while receiving a full time salary at the same time from the Palmer United Party.

Senator Lambie flew at the cost and expense of the Palmer United Party to Queensland and South Australia to visit veterans groups. She also met with Pauline Hanson.

Up until four days ago, the positions of President and Vice President of the ‘Lambie Party’ was shown as vacant but they were suddenly removed from the website when Senator Lambie realised the game was up.

The facts are that the 22,000 Tasmanians that voted above the line for the Palmer United Party elected Jacqui Lambie to the Senate. She received only 1,500 odd votes herself.

She completed her deception by seeking to establish a public profile by using Palmer United to create conflict that did not exist and lied repeatedly to the media about her colleagues.

She continues to act dishonestly and lie about me and other party members to gain media attention.

Senator Lambie’s actions seek to undermine the interests of the Australian people in preference to her own.

To gain public support she stated in the media that she was standing up for veterans and Tasmanians. However, as the record shows and senators Glenn Lazarus and Dio Wang and the National Secretary of the Palmer United Party, Peter Burke, can confirm, she at no time brought any proposal in respect of Tasmania or veterans in the whole time she attend Palmer United Party parliamentary meetings.

As far as jobs go, she chose to employ three Queenslanders on her staff in preference to Tasmanians. Rob Messenger is her chief of staff while his wife also got a job move from Queensland. Senator Lambie’s other adviser is another Messenger crony who still lives in Queensland and draws a Commonwealth salary.

Rob Messenger was expelled from the Palmer United Party. Senator Lambie and her cohorts have never seen active military service and they just seek to use the veterans to gain political support so Senator Lambie’s mastermind Messenger, a Queenslander, can stand for a Tasmanian senate seat.

Tasmanians and veterans should not be fooled to support such people of little character who have never acted to improve the lot of veterans.

Having a person of questionable honesty who had previously been charged and convicted by the Australia Army has been a disappointment for the Palmer United Party.

Senator Lambie never declared her convictions prior to her endorsement for the Palmer United Party.