Palmer United Party Achieves Outstanding Results: Clive Palmer

Media release

The likelihood of Dio Wang winning a Senate seat in Western Australia is another outstanding result for the Palmer United Party in its first election campaign, according to federal leader Clive Palmer.

Mr Palmer said Mr Wang is expected to claim the fifth Senate seat in WA and join Palmer United Party Queensland Senate team leader Glenn Lazarus in the Senate next July.

“We are still confident that Jacqui Lambie can win in Tasmania to give the Palmer United Party three senators,” he said.

Mr Palmer said the Senate election results for the Palmer United Party and the prospect of himself winning the lower house Sunshine Coast seat of Fairfax was a tremendous achievement for the Palmer United Party in its election debut.

“The Palmer United Party achieved outstanding success at the federal poll just eight weeks after it was registered by the Australian Electoral Commission and with our policies only released during the last fortnight of the election campaign,” Mr Palmer said.

“The Palmer United Party has received 5.6 per cent of the vote nationwide which is remarkable for a new party. In contrast, there was only a one per cent swing towards Tony Abbott and the Coalition.”

Mr Palmer said the Palmer United Party’s policies were also making an impact with Mr Abbott already adopting the party’s stance on paid political lobbyists.

“People are listening to us as evidenced by Tony Abbott adopting our policy banning party officials from working as lobbyists,” he said.

“There are many other policies which we think will make a positive contribution to Australia which we can also contribute to in cooperation with the government.”