Media release

Palmer to take legal action over claims he bought Hitler’s car

Clive Palmer said today he would commence legal action against Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews for spreading outrageous fake news that he had purchased Adolf Hitler’s car.

Mr Palmer has also taken extreme offence to claims made by WA Labor MP Patrick Gorman about buying the car.

“These career politicians have all been sucked in by incompetent journalists reporting fake news,” Mr Palmer said.

“I have not purchased a car that belonged to Adolf Hitler.

“These outrageous lies have caused considerable damage to my reputation and I will be bringing the people responsible to account through the courts.

Mr Palmer said the extraordinary attacks highlighted how out of touch politicians had become.

“The Liberal-Labor alliance is struggling for relevance and rather than concentrate on the issues that really matter, are too busy engaging in mud-slinging and pushing lies to damage the reputation of anybody who threatens to upset the status quo,’’ he said.