Palmer calls for Queensland Upper House

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

Federal leader of the Palmer United Party and member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, has called for the reintroduction of an Upper House in Queensland to restore necessary checks and balances to state politics.

Mr Palmer said it was essential a house of review was established to safeguard democratic freedom and provide the transparency sadly lacking under Campbell Newman’s leadership.

“Once again we have Mr Newman wriggling like a worm, this time he’s changed his mind on the need for an Upper House so he can utilise his huge majority to get whatever he wants and avoid proper scrutiny.

“As Lord Mayor in 2010, Mr Newman supported the idea of an independent body in Queensland government but now that he is Premier he has dismissed the idea saying an Upper House was not necessary.

“These look like the actions of a man with something to hide and are further reason that his activities need to be properly investigated,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer has announced that the Palmer United Party senators will move for a Senate select committee to investigate the activities of the Queensland Premier.

Mr Palmer said the Queensland police need to investigate Mr Newman, who has sought to politicise the Queensland Police Service and bring the state’s judiciary and legal process under his control.

“We live in a free state and Queenslanders believe in a fair go. The foundations of Queensland are based on the separation of powers between the political executive and the judiciary. This is the basis of stability and democracy.

“The Palmer United Party senators will move to establish a Senate select hearing against Campbell Newman.”