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Palmer applauds Supreme Court outcome on unlawful vaccine orders & Babet Senate victory

Clive Palmer has applauded last night’s motion by United Australia Party Senator Ralph Babet and today’s Supreme Court ruling that Covid vaccine orders placed on Queensland frontline workers were unlawful as a major victory for human rights.

Mr Palmer said Senator Babet’s successful motion that unexplained death rates in Australia being 18% higher than pre-vaccination warranted investigation, was an important step forward in finding the truth about the impacts of the Covid response.

Mr Palmer said he stepped up to fund the landmark action by more than 60 police officers and dozens of ambulances and health care workers because he believed human liberties and lives were at stake.

In the watershed ruling in favour of police and ambulance workers, the Court declared that the Police Commissioner’s direction issued on 7 September 2021 and 14 December 2021 were unlawful under section 58 of the Human Rights Act 2019. The court also ruled that the Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements Human Resources Policy is of no effect.

“Firstly, I want to pay tribute to the Queensland police and ambulance officers for the courage that they and their families have shown in fighting the good fight and prevailing,” Mr Palmer said.

“On this day, one day after the Australian Senate has resolved to investigate the 18% increase in excess death rates this year, we now know what the Government has done and that their directions were unlawful.

“Queensland police and ambulance workers were abandoned by their unions. Their human rights were, as the court has found, violated.

“I celebrate the Queensland Police Commissioner’s decision to resign last week in anticipation of this landmark victory.

“It is now imperative that the presidents and executives of the Queensland Police and Ambulance unions do the honourable thing and resign from their roles in supporting the decisions to have officers vaccinate against their wishes, breaching the rules of natural justice and human rights.

“The question is, will the Queensland Premier now step up and voluntarily compensate police and ambulance staff and their families who have faced vaccine injuries and deaths, or will we see another expensive, drawn-out legal battle to achieve justice?

“I am calling on the Premier to compensate every one of these brave men and woman for the bullying, intimidation and prejudice they suffered.

“But more importantly, I am calling for compensation for those officers and families who followed the Queensland Government orders and have died or suffered serious injury. It is time for them to come forward.

“The battle continues, we cannot abandon our fellow Queenslanders.”

United Australia Party Senator Ralph Babet scored a major win yesterday with the Senate voting in favour of his general business that excess deaths in Australia needed further inquiry.

“It is a worrying statistic that unexplained death rates in this country are 18% higher than pre-vaccination,” Mr Palmer said.

“As today’s verdict shows, the vaccine mandates were an assault on these men and women who should have the same rights as any Australian citizen.

“Once again, congratulations to those frontline workers who showed great courage in bringing this matter before the Supreme Court.

“These people’s human rights have now been recognised and as such this is a landmark decision,” Mr Palmer said.

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