Newman on the poop deck of the Titanic: Clive Palmer

Media release

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman is now in the final stages of a fatal voyage, says the federal leader of the Palmer United Party and Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer.

“He’s like the captain of the Titanic, steaming on regardless of the dangers that lurk ahead,” Mr Palmer said.

“The Government party room sessions have become denial meetings and for Newman anger management sessions.

“He gets angry every day. Angry at backbenchers and angry at Queenslanders for not letting him sell all their hospitals and schools.

“LNP backbenchers are now being told who will not be endorsed for the next election. To some it’s a relief as the real LNP died or was choked to death by Newman when he refused to implement LNP policy.

“Commandant Newman steams on regardless into the ice field. The Premier knows it’s cold out there. How long has it been since Newman walked down George Street or the Queen St Mall?

“It’s a cold winter looming for the doctors, lawyers, judges and sick children and their mothers in Queensland. Meanwhile, Newman’s mate Joe Hockey is getting ready to cut the old age pension.

“As Newman braces to hit the iceberg, most LNP members won’t make it to the lifeboats.”