Morrison needs to ensure Manus Island up to standard: Palmer

Media release

Palmer United Party federal leader and Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, has called on Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to ensure the Manus Island detention facility is up to standard.

Mr Palmer said the violence at the centre this week which resulted in the death of an Iranian asylum seeker and injuries to 77 other asylum seekers was of grave concern.

“I call upon Scott Morrison to take responsibility and ensure that this whole facility on Manus Island is a suitable standard and secure,” he said.

“The Australian government is responsible for these detainees, including women and children, being on Manus Island and they are our responsibility.

“Clearly the facility is not up to standard as people appear to be breaking in and out of the centre. The government may have to mobilise the armed forces and police to make sure this does not happen and make the premises more secure.”

Mr Palmer said the Palmer United Party favoured a two-pronged approach to asylum seekers, with smuggler boats turned around by the Navy while genuine refugees are allowed to arrive by plane and be processed at capital city airports.

“The first prong of an effective policy is to ensure that genuine asylum seekers can get safe passage here instead of boarding leaky and dangerous boats,” he said.

“If they have papers they should be given a visa to catch a plane here and once they land they are dealt with inside 24 hours. If they are genuine they can stay, if not they are deported immediately.”