Molhoek Pleasing His Masters, Not Constituents, says Clive Palmer

Media release

The LNP State Member for Southport Rob Molhoek is the first MP since federation to hail the demolition of a much needed hospital in his own electorate, says Palmer United Party federal leader Clive Palmer.

Mr Palmer said the Queensland LNP government’s plan to demolish the Gold Coast Hospital at Southport and sell the land only benefits lobbyists and the companies they represent.

He said Mr Molhoek’s support for the destruction of the hospital is a disgrace and a disservice to his constituents.

“Rob Molhoek must be the first MP since federation to champion the destruction of an essential community hospital in his own seat,” Mr Palmer said.

“Mr Molhoek is showing his true colours by pleasing his LNP masters and not looking after his constituents.

“The people in the Southport electorate aren’t the fools he must think they are. They will see he has sold out to developers who will donate funds back to his next election campaign.”

Mr Palmer said he had written to Health Minister Lawrence Springborg pleading with him to reconsider the hospital demolition.

“Southport needs more public hospital beds for its growing population,” he said.

“I have made it known I am willing to pay land value for the hospital buildings to keep the hospital going.”