Major Parties Have Ruined Victoria: Clive Palmer

Media release

Successive Coalition and Labor governments had ruined the great state of Victoria, according to federal leader of the Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer.

“The major parties have the same policies and the same promises and both have taken Victoria backwards,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“The only way to get this great state back on its feet and returned to its past prosperity is to vote for a change at the November 29 Victorian election.”

Mr Palmer said by holding the balance of power at federal level, the Palmer United Party had achieved major economic and environmental reform, a fairer deal for pensioners and single mums and fought strongly against privatisation and un-democratic laws.

“Now Victorians have the chance to achieve genuine change and hold their government more accountable by handing the balance of power in the upper house of Victorian Parliament to the Palmer United Party.

“The Palmer United Party stands as the last sentry at the gate to protect Victoria against the onslaught of the major parties who have a common agenda to shrink Victoria’s economy, create a permanent welfare state and destroy jobs and families.

“By voting for Palmer United candidates in the Victorian Legislative Council (VLC), voters have the chance to make a real difference by giving the Palmer United Party the balance of power and the opportunity to grow Victoria’s economy.

“It’s not the Liberal/National way, it’s not the Labor way, it’s the right way,’’ Mr Palmer said.