Media release

Liberals and Labor spreading misinformation: Palmer

The Liberal-Labor alliance is trying to create controversy by spreading misinformation about the United Australia Party’s preference arrangements, said chairman Clive Palmer.

“As expected, the Liberals and Labor are trying to create controversy and peddle misinformation about us – most recently about our preference arrangements,” Mr Palmer said.

“To enable real change we have to change the government. The United Australia Party’s main goal is to see Craig Kelly elected as Prime Minister and have as many of our candidates elected to parliament as possible.

“We have already announced that our first preference will go to the Liberal Democrats, and are currently negotiating our second preference.

“However, we cannot finalise all our preferences until the candidates are known.

“Craig Kelly, the national executive and I considered our preference exchanges very carefully.

“One thing we unanimously agreed upon is to put the Liberals, Labor and the Greens at the bottom of our ticket in all electorates.

“Any suggestion to the contrary is completely false. There is no difference between the Liberals and Labor,” Mr Palmer said.

“While we admire the individual courage of MPs who have crossed the floor or supported Craig Kelly and his bills to throw out vaccine mandates, ban vaccine passports and protect our children, the Liberals, Labor, the Nationals and the Greens are oppressors of the people and must be removed from parliament at the next election.

“As Craig Kelly says, the whole political class has turned against the people. We know we can never trust the Liberals, Labor the Greens or Nationals again,” Mr Palmer said.