Leaking of Mineralogy documents must be investigated

Media Release

Federal leader of the Palmer United Party Clive Palmer has called for an investigation into the leaking of information about Mineralogy’s interests in the Port of Cape Preston by Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s office.

Mr Palmer said confidential communication regarding security matters between Mineralogy and the federal government cited by The Australian newspaper had been provided by Mr Albanese’s staff.

“This is improper use by the Deputy Prime Minister’s office of security information for blatant political purposes,” he said.

“In addition, today Mr Albanese’s staff was further briefing media confirming the existence of the documentation between his department and Mineralogy.

“These issues are a matter of national security and the leaking of this information by his office is in breach of obligations to keep such matters confidential.

“What other documents and security matters are being released which could affect the security of this country?

“This matter must be investigated and referred to the Australian Federal Police and ASIO.

“While this matter is under review the Deputy Prime Minister should step aside. This is an obvious attempt to challenge the credibility of my run in the federal election.”

Mr Palmer said Mr Albanese and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should also immediately remove the staff members responsible for leaking the documents.