Media release

Federal leader of the Palmer United Party and member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, has blasted Senator Glenn Lazarus for refusing to pay back electoral funding from Queensland Nickel.

“The main beneficiary of the $15 million Palmer United political campaign was Glenn Lazarus, yet today he refuses to pay back the money spent in order to get him elected as a Queensland Senator in the federal election,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“It seems like Senator Lazarus wants to take and never give. He has not contributed to the Senate since leaving the Palmer United Party to become an independent.

“He is not serving the people of Queensland, he is taking from the people of Queensland.

“Also, serious questions need to be asked about Senator Lazarus’ credibility after witnesses have said he asked Malcolm Turnbull for $7 million for the Broncos, in return for his senate vote.

“Is Glenn Lazarus for sale?

“If Glenn Lazarus is so concerned about the people of Queensland he should come clean and pay back QNI the money that got him elected.

“I’m sure the administrators of QNI would welcome the money back in order to help the people of North Queensland,’’ Mr Palmer said.