Lazarus calls on Abbott to retain RET

Media Release

Palmer United Senator for Queensland, Glenn Lazarus this morning called on the Abbott Government to retain the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

Senator Lazarus said any move by the Abbott Government to reduce or abolish the RET was irresponsible and would not be supported by the Palmer United Party.

The RET has to be retained.   Australia needs to move towards cleaner renewable energy sources and the RET supports this.

Australia must continue to invest in cleaner renewable energy and the clean energy sector needs certainty to continue that investment.

Retaining the RET will support increased investment resulting in much-needed innovation and efficiencies to drive improvement and growth.

The majority of Australians want Australia to move away from dirty fuel like coal and to increase our use of renewable energy sources.

By reducing or removing the RET, the Abbott Government is risking the future of our environment and the health of our planet.

The cleaner renewable energy sector needs to grow. It offers significant potential for jobs and other opportunities for the economy.

All this talk about abolishing and reducing the RET is harming investment in this sector and jeopardising many jobs.

At the moment, businesses are reluctant to inject further investment in cleaner renewable energy because the RET’s future is under a cloud.

“Businesses need finance to fund cleaner renewable energy projects and banks won’t lend money to businesses when the future of RET is up in the air.

The market needs certainty and the Abbott Government needs to take a responsible and firm approach on this.

Palmer United is firm.   We will block any attempt by the Abbott Government to abolish or reduce the RET.