Media release

Kelly confirms shadow finance team

CANBERRA: Federal Leader of the United Australia Party, Craig Kelly, announced today the party’s shadow finance team would deliver prosperity and a debt-free future for Australia.
Under a Kelly Government, leading Australian businessman and former Federal MP Clive Palmer will be appointed Treasurer while former Deloittes CEO and company advisor Domenic Martino will become Finance Minister.
“Clive Palmer, our national Senate Leader, and Domenic Martino who is the lead NSW Senate candidate for the United Australia Party, bring a wealth of real-world experience to deliver economic prosperity to Australia,” Mr Kelly said.
Mr Kelly said Clive Palmer was one of Australia’s wealthiest citizens with an outstanding business career.
“He has been responsible for the delivery of tens of billions of export dollars to the Commonwealth, created over 60,000 jobs and was named the Mining Entrepreneur of the Decade in 2012 by Government Australia Magazine.
“In 2012 Mr Palmer was elected by the popular vote of the Australian people as a National Living Treasure, awarded by the National Trust.
“He is an achiever and a doer, unlike the current treasurer Josh Frydenberg and the shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers who have no notable experience in the business and commercial world.
“The Liberal-Labor coalition has no idea about reducing debt and returning the country to prosperity. It’s time for a change,” Mr Kelly said.
Domenic Martino is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is an experienced director of ASX-listed companies and a respected company adviser.
“Under Mr Palmer and Mr Martino, the United Australia Party’s finance team will eliminate the $1 trillion debt that has been accumulated up by the Liberal-Labor coalition.
“Only the United Australia Party has the real-world experience, economic plans and policies to rid Australia of its debt burden and deliver business freedoms and prosperity for all,” Mr Kelly said.
“The facts are the Liberal and Labor parties are joined at the hip.
“It’s the Liberal and Labor Parties that have destroyed families, small businesses and jobs.
“They have lost support from Australians suffering from lockdowns, economic restrictions and closures.
“The Liberal-Labor Coalition have no real financial plan that allows Australia to be the lucky country. They have only held back our country back.
“The United Australian Party has real people with real experience to protect freedoms and make Australia great,” he said.
Mr Kelly said further shadow ministers would be announced in the coming weeks.