Increasing GST Means Western Australia Will Pay More

Media release

The Palmer United Party’s Western Australia Senator, Dio Wang, said any increase in the GST would mean Western Australians would have to pay even more than they are already paying.

Senator Wang said Western Australians would be further ripped off by an increase in the GST, with more funds flowing to Sydney and Melbourne.

“At the moment only 30 per cent of all GST raised in WA stays in WA,” Senator Wang said.

“This means that more than 70 per cent of any of WA’s increased GST would also go to Australia’s Eastern States instead of being invested here in WA.”

Senator Wang said the Liberal Party and Labor Party are working against WA’s interests.

“The Palmer United Party wants all GST collected in WA to be spent in WA,” he said.

“WA needs more investment in the state, particularly in hospitals and schools.

“It’s disappointing that our Liberal State Government can’t balance the state’s budget, yet WA’s Liberals and Labor politicians are happy to send WA’s funds to the Eastern States.”