Help Is On The Way for Tasmania: Clive Palmer

Media release

Palmer United Party federal leader and Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, says a Palmer United Party victory at the March 15 election will pave the way for prosperity to return to Tasmania after decades of despair.

“The Liberals, Labor and the Greens have all had a go at destroying this great state and destroying the livelihoods of Tasmanians and their children’s future,” Mr Palmer said at the Palmer United Party state election campaign launch in Hobart.

“Urgent action is needed to change all that. Tasmania needs investments, Tasmania needs growth, Tasmania needs enterprise, Tasmania needs jobs, jobs and more jobs because Tasmanians need to have a future, not in Victoria or New South Wales but in Tasmania.”

Mr Palmer said only a Palmer United Party government led by state leader Kevin Morgan can make a difference for Tasmanians.

“The Palmer United Party will act and will make Tasmanians’ lives better and that is why Palmer United is standing in every seat at the Tasmanian state election,” he said.

Mr Palmer said while the Labor/Greens alliance had been a disaster for Tasmania, the Liberals under Will Hodgman would be even worse.

“For 16 years, the leader of the Opposition in Tasmania has been the bridesmaid but never the bride,” he said. “His time has gone. He proposed more no confidence motions that don’t pass than any other leader.”

Mr Palmer said he had a personal commitment to the people of Tasmania and a strong family connection to the state.

“My great uncle left Tasmania to serve in the Great War and he never returned. My mother was born in Penguin, and my father established the Radio 7UV in Ulveston. I’ve got a strong commitment to protect Tasmania and to recapture its prosperity.”