Hedley Thomas Follows Rupert’s Orders: Clive Palmer

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

Mineralogy owner Clive Palmer has hit out at an article in today’s The Australian, saying it has defamed one of his employees.

“The article in respect to one of my employees in The Australian today is factually wrong and defames one of my employees,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“I don’t mind that journalist Hedley Thomas and The Australian have a continual personal campaign against me but they have brought journalism into disrepute by failing to fairly present the facts.

“Firstly, Justice Jackson of the Supreme Court of Queensland found that the so-called funds were Mineralogy property no Citic Limited’s.

“This was a finding which Citic failed to appeal and have always known.

“Secondly, retired Supreme Court judge Richard Chesterman was a Citic-nominated arbiter who clearly departed from the law,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer said the only benefit from Mr Chesterman’s activities were for the people who appointed him.

“I would encourage people to think twice before they appoint him as an arbiter.”

Mr Palmer also said the Queensland Police had informed Hedley Thomas that they had closed their investigation into Citic’s bogus complaint, which he tried to report on in a negative manner.

“People need to ask themselves: why is it that The Australian is involved in such un-Australian activities?

“What is more disappointing is that Hedley Thomas is the highest-paid journalist on The Australian staff.

“It seems the more mud and mistruths you print, the more money you can make at The Australian,’’ Mr Palmer said.