GST Earned in WA Must Stay in WA: Senator Dio Wang

Media release

Palmer United Party Western Australia Senator Dio Wang said all GST that is earned in WA must stay and be spent in WA and West Australians should not be sold out to the eastern states.

Senator Wang said there are reports that WA’s Liberal MPs are going to sell out WA and accept the federal government’s proposal of returning 75 per cent of GST rather than 100 per cent.

“This is unacceptable, all GST collected from WA by the federal government should stay and be spent in WA,” Senator Wang said.

“WA must see its full share of GST returned to the state to ensure our aging schools and hospitals are upgraded, to ensure our regional communities, industries and people are supported to the best of our ability.”

Senator Wang said Premier Colin Barnett and the other Liberal and Labor MPs who accept the offer of WA receiving 75 per cent of our raised GST are not truly representing Western Australians.

“The MPs are simply bowing to their party’s leaders in the eastern states and in Canberra,” he said.

“Western Australians needs true and honest representation for WA and we should not be treated like second class citizens or receive second rate representation by our MPs.

“I would like to encourage anybody, regardless of your political preference, to feel free to contact my office if you have concerns about this so we can achieve a bigger share of GST for WA.”