Media release

Freeze the fuel excise: Palmer

The United Australia Party will freeze the fuel excise when elected to reduce cost-of-living pressures on Australian families, the party’s shadow treasurer, Clive Palmer, announced today.

“Under the Labor and Liberal coalition, fuel prices continue to soar as a direct result of the economic crisis they have created.

“Today Australia faces a trillion dollars of debt which is unpresented in our nation’s history, and the only response from the Morrison and Labor governments is to slug us with extra taxes,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Under a United Australia Party government, the fuel excise will be frozen and no more extra taxes will be imposed on hard-working Australians.

“The United Australia Party will deal with the trillion dollars of debt head on by implementing measures designed to protect the Australian economy from the impact of the failures of the Liberals and Labor,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Australia must act now to save our country from the catastrophe that is about to destroy our economic prosperity and the security of Australian families.”

Mr Palmer said the full details of the United Australia Party’s economic platform will be announced on April 7.