Fair Go for All Australians Needed, says Clive Palmer

Media Release

All Australians need to be given a fair go and be treated equally under the law, says federal Palmer United Party leader and Member for Fairfax Clive Palmer.

As recreational motorcyclists protested across Australia to show solidarity against Queensland’s tough new anti-bikie laws, Mr Palmer said it set a dangerous precedent for government to interfere with the independence of the law and the judiciary.

“The government has labelled people but labels are often misleading and damaging,” he said.

“People need to be judged on what they do rather than who they are. People who ride motorcycles are not criminals because they ride bikes, no more than people who drive motor cars are criminals because they drive cars.

“It’s a dangerous precedent to interfere with independence of the law and the judiciary. History remembers the consequences of this.

“Germany in the 1930s decided to make the principles of law and justice based on emotion rather than facts.

“In the British system Lady Justice reigns supreme. Lady Justice has a sword by her side to deliver punishment when the act requires it.

“All Australians need to respect all other Australians and need to obey the laws that are properly enacted by parliament, respect the committees and laws set up by parliament and the checks and balances in our society.

“It is not reasonable to dismiss a committee or seek to intimidate the judiciary because you don’t agree with their findings. In Australia we need to respect the independence of the judiciary.”