Media release

Dr Peter McCullough talks to Australia

A world-renowned cardiologist, Dr Peter McCullough was the headline speaker at the recent Covid-19 Vaccine Conferences, hosted by Clive Palmer and the United Australia Party.

These landmark events also featured the medical expertise of critical care physician Dr Pierre Kory and Queensland GP Dr Melissa McCann.

Held on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Melbourne and Sydney, the events were sell outs as people gathered in their thousands to hear Dr McCullough speak the truth about the medical and political response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The economic fallout of that flawed response to Covid-19 is still being felt around the globe. If that alone wasn’t enough, millions continue to be harmed by the Covid-19 vaccine.

Dr McCullough fearlessly took on the establishment, challenging the medical and political response, but more importantly, the reasons behind it.

Recorded at the International Convention Centre in Sydney, Dr McCullough delivers a compelling speech. Watch it by CLICKING HERE