Media release

Digital ID is a very real threat to your freedom

The Albanese Labor Government is all about control and quashing or discrediting voices of dissent.

That’s why they are pressing ahead with the dangerous myGov Digital ID, which has now passed the first of three stages. This piece of quite appalling legislation is designed to do one thing and one thing only – track and trace your movements, log your activities and exercise more control over your life.

Senator Katy Gallagher – a more disingenuous minister you could not meet – proclaims; “It’s not compulsory.” Excuse us minister but we’ve heard that rubbish before.

A more accurate translation would be “It’s not compulsory but in the future if you want to get a bank loan, access government services, buy a plane ticket, etc., you’ll need one.”

That’s where this is going; make no mistake. Already, you need a Government ID if you want to become a company director. Ten million Australians were forced to do this or relinquish their director status, so this horrendous government will have no hesitation in imposing it on the rest of us to make us comply. It’s all part of the plan.

Unconvinced? Then just ask yourself this question: What actions have the government taken lately that would make you trust what they say? During Covid we learned how the government can overreach into our lives, suppress information and erode our basic rights.

Surveillance of law-abiding citizens is not about security, it’s about power and control. Obedience is the government’s aim. That’s why the Mis/Disinformation Bill is so important to them, and you can bet your last dollar on the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) being the next step to establishing a fully-fledged social credit scheme where ‘poor behaviour’ limits your ability to live your life as you choose.

Sound too far-fetched? Then look at what happened in Canada during Covid when those who protested against the government were denied access to their bank accounts. A similar thing happened to UK political figure Nigel Farage fairly recently.

These measures, bit by bit, are all steps to normalise and legitimise control. Who really benefits from such measures? Is it the everyday Australian and the more vulnerable members of our community? Or is it the powerful? All under the guise of being for the ‘common good’. You know, that ‘good’ that never actually did you any good.

Granting any government, the opportunity to exert more authority on your life and the lives of others is a reckless decision and won’t end well. Once freedoms are gone, they never return. Is this what you want for your children?

More authority means more control, so at the very least we have to question why that is something governments want to impose upon us.

And what seems to be forgotten in these dystopian times is the fundamental fact that governments work for us, not the other way around. They were elected by us to work for us on the issues that matter to us. So, when they do things like this, don’t trust them.

Things are bad enough as it is. For the government to add control measures to the disaster they’re making of everything else should have alarm bells ringing louder than ever before.

So, what can you do?

Senator Babet is hosting a petition to aid a challenge to the bill. Once you sign, you’ll be given some additional information on other measures you can take to express your objections if you wish.

Make no mistake – to do nothing is to accept this legislation into your life, and then it’ll be too late.

CLICK HERE to go to the petition and CLICK HERE to watch Senator Babet’s speech on Digital ID.