Clive Palmer Statement – AEC condemned

Media release

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer, has today further condemned the Australian Electoral Commission for their bungling of the WA Senate count labelling it a rort.

“The AEC has got this wrong on so many levels, which I’ve been saying for the last eight weeks,” Mr Palmer said.

“How they can lose 1375 votes is simply beyond belief and demonstrates incompetence or criminal conduct.

“The original count should stand as that is the only count where we’ve had a full count of all votes.

“We will be challenging the result of the second count through the Court of Disputed Returns and believe the result of the first count should be upheld. If this is not done we believe the only fair outcome is a new election with all Senate positions declared vacant.

“Based on the results of the first count Dio Wang, together with the other Palmer United Party WA Senators, would have held the balance of power, which would be a great outcome for West Australians.

“This is a bad day for democracy.”