Clive Palmer announces plans to save solar in Newcastle

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

The federal leader of the Palmer United Party and Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, says the people of Newcastle need better access to cleaner and less expensive energy sources such as solar power.

Mr Palmer, who was joined in Newcastle by the CEO of the Australian Solar Council, John Grimes, said the Palmer United Party was committed to saving Novocastrians money.

“It’s important the people of Newcastle have better access to clean energy,” he said.

“Electricity is too expensive. An average household will reduce its power bill by 65 per cent when it installs solar. Two million Australian households have done this and millions more want to get solar power including thousands of Novocastrians.”

Mr Palmer said encouraging Australian home owners to put solar panels on their roofs was a great way to protect them from higher electricity prices.

“People on low incomes, self-funded retirees, pensioners and community groups are among those who will be able to slash their power bills,” he said.

Mr Palmer said any move by the Abbott government to reduce or abolish the Renewable Energy Target (RET) was irresponsible and would not be supported by the Palmer United Party.

“The RET has to be retained. Australia needs to move towards cleaner renewable energy sources such as solar power and the RET supports this,” he said.

“The RET was also responsible for creating 24,000 new jobs and if left unchanged will create an additional 18,400 jobs by 2020.”