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Media release

Clive Palmer’s Chief of Staff, James McDonald, has laughed off suggestions his boss is a bully.
“I publicly support Clive Palmer and wish to confirm that at no time have I ever been bullied by him or witnessed him bullying other people in our office,’’ Mr McDonald said.

Having worked with multinational companies around the world, Mr McDonald said he had seen many different leaders in action.

“I have worked for Clive for the past four years, and have known him for six years,’’ Mr McDonald said.

“At no time have I been subjected to bullying by Clive. He is driven and passionate and is a very inspirational person to be around.

“Clive is one of the hardest working people that I know.

“It’s a shame that so many people form their opinion about Clive Palmer by what is published in the media.

“He is a genuine, kind hearted person who cares greatly for increasing the living standards of citizens of the world.

“He challenges the way we do things. When people say it can’t be done, he always finds a way to do it.

“I think more people should take a big picture view of the situations we find ourselves in,’’ he said.

Other staff members have also come out in support of Mr Palmer.

Craig Morgan, electoral officer in the office of Fairfax, says Clive is optimistic and always supports the team in its endeavours to serve the people of Fairfax.

“I have never been subject to any bullying nor have I seen it in our office,” he said.

Mr Palmer’s executive assistant of nine years, Anne Boileau, said the MP’s work ethic was admirable.

“I am so grateful for being a part of his team that has achieved so much in Parliament,’’ Ms Boileau said.

“I have never seen him bully any of the staff in our electoral office,’’ she said.

Chief of Staff defends Clive Palmer over bullying claims