Kelly Moran

VIC - Senate 2

[email protected]

Kelly left Qantas International after 21 years when the company decided to impose restrictions and regulations on the personal rights of employees and customers.

When international flying was shut down in March 2020, she worked as the Cabin Manager on Qantas repatriation flights to India and the USA to help bring Australians home.

Kelly was employed as an Authorised Officer with the Victorian Government after being stood down from Qantas. Initially she worked in the hotel quarantine program then moved to Melbourne Airport as a Team Leader.

At the airport, Kelly led a team of Authorised Officers to process domestic and international flights to ensure compliance with Victorian Government restrictions.

Working in these positions, Kelly saw firsthand how the government was controlling and adversely impacting the lives of individuals and families. This led to her resigning from her position as she did not want to participate in policing and enforcing government mandates on fellow Australians.

Kelly then joined the team at QantasLink until the company required everyone to have a personal medical procedure to remain employed.

Like the rest of the community, Kelly has experienced the impact of employer and government regulations on individual rights and liberties and is determined to help Australians regain their freedoms.