Kelly Moran ( Lead Candidate )


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The United Australia Party has endorsed Kelly Moran as its lead candidate for the Northern Metro region in the Legislative Council for the upcoming Victorian election. Ms Moran has also been endorsed as the deputy leader for the party in the upper house.

“I will continue to fight for my colleagues to make a difference for Australia. The current Victorian State Government has trampled on the individual rights and liberties of its citizens, ever since it has been in control,’’ Kelly said.

“I left Qantas International after more than 20 years, when the company started imposing restrictions and regulations on the personal rights of employees and customers during the pandemic.

“I also saw first-hand how fellow Victorians were required to comply with government mandates and I was not comfortable with the policing and enforcing on my fellow Victorians.

“Now it’s time to make a change in Victoria and I want to be part of that change.”