Elijah Suares

Candidate for BENDIGO

[email protected]

Elijah is no career politician; he works as a professional structural engineer who has managed significant projects both interstate and overseas to create lasting community benefits. He intends to continue hearing, understanding, and working with others to solve everyday issues in sectors such as affordable housing, renewable energy, manufacturing, healthcare, national security, and aged-care.

27 year-old Suares was raised in our electorate at Bendigo where his family own small businesses, he studied degrees in civil engineering and business at La Trobe University, and he worked for local retail, mining groups, local government, and multinational organisations.

He intends to restore the peoples trust in our political system. He is committed to providing a higher level of leadership, honesty and transparency when it comes to making key decisions affecting everyday Australians.

Elijah is the proud recipient of the prestigious 2018 Engineers Australia Rod McGee Medal and nationally shortlisted the 2020 ACT Young Professional Engineer of the Year Award for showing the highest technical, professional and community service standards in engineering.

He has been active in his professional and local community, as the Chair of Young Engineers Australia Canberra Committee, ACT representative for the National Young Engineers Australia Committee. He often volunteers his time with secondary school students through the In2Science Program and the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) to support Indigenous students to complete secondary school and enroll into university.

He feels strongly that engineers must play their part to address everyday challenges for our energy crisis, national security, Australian manufacturing and innovation, housing affordability, outdated infrastructure, and the COVID-19 economic recovery.

Elijah believes we are at a critical time in Australian history with rising cost of living and home loan interest rates increasing to a point that will render both young and older people homeless. In order for us to avoid an economic collapse, we need to be electing members of the United Australia Party who posses real world experience with solving these issues