Elijah Suares


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The United Australia Party has endorsed civil engineer Elijah Suares as its second candidate for the Northern Victoria region in the Legislative Council for the upcoming Victorian election.

Mr Suares works as an engineering professional specialising in structural engineering and design on significant developments in Australia and the United States. He holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Business from La Trobe University and grew up in Bendigo, VIC.

Mr Suares has been active in his professional community, as the Chair of Young Engineers Australia Canberra Committee and ACT representative for the National Young Engineers Australia Committee.

“I am a well-rounded political candidate with a good community following and proven track record delivering community benefits and results,’’ he said.

“I have real world experience as an engineer involved in stakeholder consultation for federal and state election issues to deliver new schools, hospitals, aged care facilities, defence projects and key projects.

“I was shortlisted young professional engineer of the year award nationally in 2020, and awarded the prestigious Engineers Australia 2018 Rod McGee award nationally.”

He feels strongly that engineers must play their part to address the challenges of climate change.