Budget Stress Rife In The Community

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

Staff in Clive Palmer’s Maroochydore electoral office are reporting an increasing number of phone calls from anxious constituents who are worried about how elements of the federal budget will impact their lives, both now and in the future.

Concerns range from rises in higher education costs, the Medicare co-payment and increases in fuel charges, with many not understanding how the complex changes to higher education will affect them.

“This government is all about creating fear among Australians. Fear that we have a debt crisis; fear that we are hurtling towards disaster; but perhaps worst of all, fear for ordinary Australians that they will not be able to make ends meet each week,” Mr Palmer said,

“My electoral office staff are fielding calls every day from pensioners, students and ordinary working people who are afraid for the future. Many do not understand how they will be affected by the proposed changes, especially in higher education.

“Even ministers within the government seem to have some difficulty in understanding just when and how some changes will be implemented, so it’s hardly surprising that members of the community are finding the information challenging.

“Creating fear and financial anxiety in our communities is not what good government is all about.

“The government simply does not understand how many Australian families live on a week-to-week budget and have nothing left over at the end.

“It stands to reason that if a family who are struggling to make ends meet are given added expenses to find each week and no increase in their income, then their financial situation is going to get worse. No wonder there is so much stress and worry in the community,” Mr Palmer said.