Budget Delivers More Misery for Queenslanders: Clive Palmer

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

The Newman Government’s State Budget had delivered more pain for Queenslanders by slashing support for pensioners and flagging the privatisation of major public assets, the federal leader of the Palmer United Party and Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer said.

“Just like their federal counterparts, Tim Nicholls and Campbell Newman have delivered a cruel and heartless budget built on the false premise that debt is out of control,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“Removing the support networks to help battling pensioners pay their bills is a disgrace and placing our public assets in the hands of profit-driven corporations will hurt the whole community by reducing access to essential services and costing jobs.

“Newman the jobs destroyer has already sacked approximately 14,000 workers across the state. He’s destroyed the economy by making policies-on-the-run and now wants to flog off our ports, power stations, schools and hospitals  to the highest bidders.’’

Mr Palmer said the Palmer United Party strongly believed in retaining state-owned assets in the hands of all Queenslanders.

“A Palmer United Party government in Queensland would hand any public assets sold off by the Newman Government back to the people,” he said.

“We would resume them without compensation so our message to any potential buyers would be to proceed with caution.”

Mr Palmer has strongly criticised the Newman Government’s $6 million “Strong Choices” campaign as a waste of taxpayers’ money when it is clear that Queenslanders want to keep the state’s assets.