Media release

Babet calls for ACT Chief Minister’s resignation

United Australia Party Senator Ralph Babet has called for ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr to resign for presiding over a government which deployed a corrupt prosecutor.

In the wake of the scandal surrounding the Sofronoff Report, Senator Babet also said all convictions under Shane Drumgold when he was the Director of Public Prosecutions should be re-considered given the adverse findings made against him.

“The Chief Minister should look at his own shortcomings as leader of the ACT Government rather than attacking the person in charge of the inquiry for releasing the report,” Senator Babet said.

“Unless the report was released, the Chief Minister would have buried the findings to protect himself and his government.

“The release of the report served the public’s interest and we should all be grateful,” he said.

“The Chief Minister has no option but to resign over his failing governance and complete mishandling of this situation.”