Arrogance reaches new heights with Deputy PM’s $21k flight: Clive Palmer

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

Federal leader of the Palmer United Party and Member for Fairfax Clive Palmer says the abuse of parliamentary entitlements appeared to be an endemic problem for the Abbott Government following revelations Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss had charged taxpayers $21,000 for a chartered flight.

Mr Palmer said charging taxpayers $21,000 for a chartered flight between Canberra and Brisbane where he allegedly delivered a speech about reining in the age of entitlement, demonstrated how out of touch the Wide Bay MP was with regular Australians.

“Following Bronwyn Bishop’s disgraceful $5000 helicopter trip and other travel rorts we now learn that the Deputy Prime Minister slugged taxpayers $21,000 for a chartered flight.

“It is yet another example of disgusting behaviour by politicians with an inflated view of their own importance and no respect for their office.

“One wonders how many more politicians are abusing their entitlements and treating the public with contempt,’’ Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer said all representatives of the Palmer United Party were subject to the strictest criteria for expenditure claims.

“My personal expenditure claims are the third lowest in the Australian parliament and I donate my entire parliamentary salary to charities in my electorate,’’ Mr Palmer said.