Alex Douglas calls for John Grayson’s resignation

Media release

Palmer United Party Queensland leader and member for Gaven, Dr Alex Douglas, has called for the Director-General of Premier and Cabinet, John Grayson, to resign from his position immediately.

Dr Douglas said it is insufficient for Mr Grayson to remain in his position despite a long history of maintaining business links with many who have been adversely named in the continuing New South Wales ICAC enquiry.

“The LNP Government is either pursuing a policy of complete transparency and integrity or it is not,” Dr Douglas said.

“Mr Grayson, despite multiple investigations, has maintained ownership of companies that are yet to be completely investigated.

“The public interest needs to be protected and Mr Grayson should not be involved in the process of governing Queensland anymore.

“The decision today to merely resign from boards and relinquish shareholdings is completely unsatisfactory.

“John Grayson has got to go.”