Media release

Albanese tramples journalists’ rights

Moves by the Albanese Government to fine social media companies millions of dollars for spreading misinformation on their platforms have been labelled a disgrace by Clive Palmer.

Mr Palmer said the crackdown was unconstitutional and has vowed to fight the legislation in court should it come into effect.

“This is an assault on free speech, freedom of the press and an attack on every journalist in Australia, whether they are working in print, radio, broadcast or social media,” Mr Palmer said.

“This extraordinary move by the Albanese woke left will mean that if the government does not agree with your beliefs, you can be accused of spreading fake news.

“Anthony Albanese, Jim Chalmers and Communications Minister Michelle Rowland are a disgrace,” Mr Palmer said.

“This is the worst Australian Government of all time. They are more interested in trivial matters than looking after Australians at a time when living standards are dropping and the cost of living is skyrocketing,” he said.