Media release

Albanese Government adopts Hitler and Stalin measures: Palmer

Clive Palmer has strongly criticised anti free speech legislation proposed by the Albanese Government, describing it as ‘coming straight from Hitler’s playbook’.

Documents released under FOI (CLICK HERE to read or download), revealing the Labor Government’s plans should be deeply concerning for all Australians, Mr Palmer said.

Under the Albanese Government’s proposed new laws, the Government would have the power to dictate what constitutes misinformation or disinformation and coerce or pressure social media companies into removing content they deem unacceptable.

If passed, huge fines could be issued to social media companies if they fail to remove from their platforms content the state deems to be misinformation or disinformation.

“This government wishes to destroy freedom of speech by adopting Hitler and Stalin measures,” Mr Palmer said.

“Brave Australians have fought in battles and given their lives so we can be free. The Albanese government wants to take our freedom away.

“Documents obtained under FOI including correspondence between the Minister for Communication Michelle Rowland and the Prime Minister paint a grim future for Australians who value their freedom.

“This extraordinary move by the Albanese woke left will mean that if the government does not agree with your beliefs, you can be accused of spreading fake news,” Mr Palmer said.

“This is an un-Australian act. I would have hoped our politicians were more principled.

“I am standing up now about this legislation as I will not be able to once it is passed.

“We need all Australians to get behind Senator Babet and like-minded politicians to protect Australia,” Mr Palmer said.