AEC Fiasco Designed to Stop Palmer United’s Dio Wang: Clive Palmer

Media release

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) lost ballot paper fiasco in Western Australia is designed to stop Palmer United Party Senate candidate Dio Wang from being elected and goes to the heart of our democracy, says Palmer United Party federal leader Clive Palmer.

The newly elected MP for the Sunshine Coast seat of Fairfax said the AEC losing 1375 votes in a recount was a debacle that could force the people of WA to return to the polls to decide the Senate election.

The AEC agreed to a request for a recount from the Greens despite Mr Wang being declared the winner of the fifth Senate seat in WA.

“This AEC lost votes disaster goes to the heart of our democracy,” Mr Palmer said.

“Why single out WA in this fraudulent activity? The WA people have suffered enough without strings being pulled from Canberra.”

Mr Wang said he gave up his Chinese citizenship to start a new life in Australia.

“I have spent the past seven years working in the Pilbara region and in Perth to create a better future for my family,” he said.

“I was attracted to this country because I believed it upheld democracy and the right for people to choose. I could never have imagined ballot boxes would go missing to stop someone like myself from entering the Senate.

“After this I am more determined than ever to fight for the people of WA, who for too long have carried the rest of Australia with royalties from the state’s resources industry.

“This has given me a higher resolve and desire to serve the people of WA when I’m finally elected.”