The ABC must be protected, says Clive Palmer

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

The leader of the Palmer United Party and federal Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, has criticised the government for its decision to cancel the ABC’s Australia Network contract, putting the multi-million dollar contract up for tender.

Mr Palmer said Julie Bishop’s announcement to do a tender will most likely result in Sky being awarded the coveted contract.

“Sky will most likely be awarded the contract as a Liberal Party payback and thank you for Rupert Murdoch’s support during the election campaign,” Mr Palmer said.

“This is a great story for Australia’s number one investigative journalist Hedley Thomas to investigate this Liberal Party and Murdoch media alliance.

“This would never happen though as the truth is News Limited in Australia relies too heavily on the Government for advertising and taxpayer funded support, if this were to disappear News Limited would not be able to function.”

Mr Palmer said this alliance represents a serious challenge to democratic freedom and freedom of the press in Australia’s media.

“News Limited is no longer focused on the news and instead spits out propaganda for the Government who supports it and who supports it,” he said.

“The ABC won its Australia Network contract fair and square and Julie Bishop has blemished her record of integrity by breaching the Government’s contract with the ABC.

“Unfortunately she is doing Australia no service and the ABC an injustice.”