Abbott’s audit team are unqualified muppets: Clive Palmer

Media Release

Palmer United Party federal leader and Member for Fairfax Clive Palmer has warned the Abbott Government’s Commission of Audit, which is a copy of an earlier Queensland Government commission, will end with the same farcical results.

Mr Palmer said the team Mr Abbott had appointed to run the commission lacked real qualifications around budget management.

“If he was looking for people to run muppets, then this team is well qualified,” Mr Palmer said.

“If he wanted a team to perform this task adequately he should have engaged highly qualified auditors with a track record and qualifications meeting international accounting standards.

“This team will simply tick boxes and be negative. These people aren’t interested in outcomes for Australians. They aren’t concerned with growing a sustainable economy for Australia.”

The commissioners are Business Council of Australia President Tony Shepherd, chairman of the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal Dr Peter Boxall, former Treasury Secretary Tony Cole, former Director-General of the Western Australian Departments of Industrial and Regional Development Robert Fisher, and former Howard Government minister Amanda Vanstone.

Mr Palmer said the people appointed to the commission lacked the vision and foresight needed to build the economy.

“If this is what we have we will receive a similar outcome to the Queensland economy which is a debacle,” Mr Palmer said.

“Australians who voted for Tony Abbott and his government as the last hope to reignite the economy and to return Australia to the lucky country will be greatly disappointed.”