Abbott Seeks to Rig Senate Election

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

Leader of the Palmer United Party and federal Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, says the government’s proposed voting reforms to only require the voting public to number three squares above the line on the ballot paper in the next senate election is an attempt to rig the results and destroy democracy in Australia.

Mr Palmer said the proposed voting reforms would seek to effectively prevent any other party outside the Liberal, Labor and Greens from being elected and excluding Australia’s fourth largest party, the Palmer United Party, or any special interest party from being elected in the Senate.

“Australia has followed The Constitution since 1901 and this proposed legislation is highly damaging and designed to destroy democracy in this country,” Mr Palmer said.

“The Australian government and the Greens are effectively seeking to rid democracy in this country by legal manoeuvring and cajoling.

“It is legislation designed to limit choices.

“Politicians only care about themselves and not the country. They need to look beyond themselves for once and consider the millions of Australians who have served this country in order of democracy and freedom of choice.

“This legislation goes against Australians’ wishes and Australians must do all they can to maintain the present system which ensures democracy.