Abbott reinforces his real attitude towards women: Clive Palmer

Media Release

Tony Abbott had confirmed his real attitude towards women in highlighting a female candidate’s “sex appeal”, federal leader of the Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer said in Brisbane today.

Mr Palmer said the Coalition leader had shown very poor judgment in mentioning “sex appeal” to describe the Liberal candidate for Lindsay Fiona Scott’s attributes for being a member of parliament.

“A person’s competence far outweighs sex appeal, a point which is lost on Mr Abbott,’’ Mr Palmer said.

“It is sad that some men including Tony Abbott perceive women this way when they make up half our population.

“I hate to say it but Abbott’s recent remark does confirm some of the worst fears in the community about his views on women.

“He has shown incredibly poor judgement. Surely jobs, the economy, health, education and the nation’s future are the important matters,’’ Mr Palmer said.