Former South Australian Ombudsman to Chair Public Inquiry into Parliamentary Entitlement

Federal Member for Fairfax

Media release

Former South Australian Ombudsman Garry Collis will chair an official inquiry established by the federal Member for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, into parliamentary entitlements.

The Public Inquiry into Politicians Entitlements will be co-sponsored by Clive Palmer and seconded by Palmer United Party’s Western Australian Senator Dio Wang.

Mr Palmer said the inquiry will commence public hearings in Perth and will enable real, everyday Australians to voice their opinions on politicians’ entitlements.

“There is no point having former politicians or government appointments reviewing parliamentary entitlements as they are typically sympathetic to politicians,” Mr Palmer said.

“This inquiry will allow the Australian public to make submissions and have their voices heard in a public forum, instead of former politicians and government supporters conversing behind closed doors.

“What Australia needs at this moment is change and this inquiry will aim to look at the parliamentary entitlement scheme objectively and without prejudice to encourage real changes to the system.”

Mr Palmer said all submissions will be welcomed.

“The inquiry will allow Australians to have their say on the entitlement debacle,” he said.

“Once the inquiry has concluded, the final report will be made available to Australians and federal parliament.”