2015 Queensland State Election to be the Most Historic Ever

Media release

The Palmer United Party candidate for Hinchinbrook, Martin Brewster, says this 2015 Queensland State Election will be the most historic since Federation.

Mr Brewster said Queenslanders must realise this election will have enormous historical significance for Queensland. If the LNP Government is re-elected, then all publicly-owned assets will be sold off forever.

“The Newman Government believes the only way to fund his election promises is to offload major state-owned assets. He’s a one-trick pony who is trying to buy himself another term of government by selling what we all own,” Mr Brewster said.

“Who says private enterprise is more efficient than public ownership? Why can’t the government make these assets operate more profitably and boost the economy that way?

“Many people have forgotten how and why the Newman Government was elected in 2012. It was because the Labor Party wanted to sell our assets – power stations, hospitals, ports and schools.

“We will have the Chinese government dictating the price Queenslanders will pay for electricity and imports. If you think you’re paying a lot for electricity and fuel now, imagine what you will pay if the Newman Government is re-elected,” Mr Brewster warned.

Palmer United Party strongly believes in retaining state-owned assets in the hands of all Queenslanders. If elected, Mr Brewster said he will work with all elected members to retain Queensland ownership of Queensland assets for our children and grandchildren.