Scott Feeney is a Veteran who served over 15 years with the Royal Australian Navy.  He is a firm believer in giving everyone a fair go.

He knows how tough life can be. Scott has genuine life experience having worked in a variety of fields around his Naval career including; labouring in a factory, nursing those in palliative and aged care, as a remedial massage therapist, pumping fuel, driving for ridesharing companies, operating a limousine business, and most recently working as a funeral director.

Scott had to leave the Navy for family reasons, and politics is something he has taken a keen interest in. He has seen how the decisions our politicians make, directly affect the lives of Australians.

During his Naval career he was able to see a lot of the world, experiencing a diverse range of cultures. He knows just how lucky we are to call Australia home. These life experiences have been the driving force behind his decision to enter into politics. Australia needs to be more than just the lucky country; Scott wants to continue doing his part in making Australia great!