Residing in Queensland for over 30 Years, Mark is passionate in helping his community and focused on our youth. He is highly invested in public service and providing time to make QLD a better place for all residents.

He is an advocate for Pro Life and in turn supports the needs of young families in QLD. Funding in Childcare is seeing its hardest times. With lack of government support, families are finding it tougher than ever in these uncertain times with women being hit the hardest and in turn, getting back to work last.

Marks key focus is supporting life and parents. Mark was raised in a large Family of 10 across NSW / Victorian border towns, learning from a young age the importance of work ethics, generosity and goodwill within his family and extended community. He has great love for his own family, spending as much time as he can with his wife and two daughters. Mark has accumulated engineering work experience in many industries in Australia across Lifestyle Resorts, Large Shopping Centres, QLD Hospitals as well as Timber industries and Commercial Television.

He continues to thrive in environments that offer service to the public. Mark has seen employment and management alongside fellow employees of many cultures, working with and respecting migrant tradesmen for their talents they bring to this country. Re-establishing state laws with a focus on compassion and flexibility for those in hardships across this current pandemic and for the future of QLD’s people needs to be our states next move and Mark will support this. Creating a stronger health reform, offering a voice and more decision making for our Health and Aged Care Facility workers to keep our peoples health and wellbeing first is a change that needs to be made. Mark will also endorse more support in traineeships for young Australians, and will follow through to push for funds from our federal government to support our Queensland youth in gaining work experience in the trades, also ensuring equal paid parental leave for both men and women. With a life experience and passion for families and the great Australian Trades, Mark will make an excellent candidate to ensure QLD will see a brighter, healthier future for its people and a stronger foundation for its youth.