Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party has endorsed rural fire service volunteer and former member of the Australian Defence Force, Daniel Philp, as its candidate for Buderim in the upcoming Queensland election.

A life-long Queensland resident, Daniel has given tirelessly to the community as a volunteer for the Sunshine Coast Food Project, Toowoomba PCYC, disability support services, assisting the homeless and more.

Having completed a Business Degree in Leadership and Management, Communication and Media studies, Daniel worked within the NGO sector focusing on mental health and youth unemployment.

Currently working as a local IGA manager due to the COVID downturn, his employment history includes contract site coordinator, career development officer, nursery labourer and rifleman with the Australian Defence Force.

“I have strong political interests in building business productivity, building strong resilient communities, ethical leadership, youth and family issues, education and the environment,’’ Daniel said.

“Studying classical literature from the Roman and Greek periods, biographies of historical figures, theology, political and warfare histories helps me to have a deeper understanding politics, power and navigating the system for the best outcome.

“My recent experiences advocating for environmental issues in my local area to Local Government and State Government relating to the treatment of declared pest weeds saw a successful change in Local Government management of such agriculture threats. Such efforts I look to replicate in service of the seat of Buderim,’’ he said.