Zvetanka Raskov

Candidate for CHIFLEY

[email protected]

Zvetanka’s parents fled communist Bulgaria and she was born in Austria where they were granted asylum, before arriving in Australia in 1971.

After finishing high school at Auburn Girls High in 1988, Zvetanka commenced work at a bank, followed by five years at Sydney Water, after which she was an executive assistant in the corporate sector for ten years.

The now 51-year-old went on to run a successful boarding house for over a decade, until an arson attack in 2015. The fire left Zvetanka homeless and she lost her business. However, with her unwavering focus and work ethic, Zvetanka was able to rebuild her life in Tregear where she found an affinity with the people of the Chifley electorate, identifying with their resilience and fighting spirit.

Transitioning into the transport industry, Zvetanka began working as an Uber driver before moving into the public service sector as bus operator for State Transit Authority, where she worked for three years. Zvetanka was undertaking a traineeship as a train driver before she was displaced due, in no small part, to vaccination mandates.

Zvetanka’s mission is to prevent Labor, Liberal and the Greens from destroying our great country.

“My background is Bulgarian, but my heart is Australian,” she said.

“Together with every brother and sister of every nationality that has chosen Australia as their home, we will unite so that we can all continue to live out our dreams in a country that respects people’s choices.

“A party of the people for the people, the UAP has to arrest the stranglehold of the duopoly. If the UAP doesn’t win at the next election, Australia will never recover.”