Yassin Albarri

Candidate for SCULLIN

[email protected]

UAP welcomes Yassin Albarri as the candidate for Scullin electorate

Yassin was born in East Melbourne and in his teenage years he formed an ever-growing passion for politics. At age 19 he ran for an elected office position, then as an independent in the Victorian State Election the following year.

Yassin says “Ever since I was a child I’ve wanted to be a pilot but I’ve always wanted to influence my community too. My first interest in politics was local council … and finally I’ve found inspiration in the UAP platform for freedom of speech and choice.”

“I am currently a student pilot, pursuing my commercial pilot’s licence and also a career in motorsport. I am well connected in my sporting communities and I am more passionate than ever to influence change and making a lasting difference. Starting with the Scullin electorate and communities, I am here to stay and to represent the people of Melbourne and Australia,” said Yassin.